The Best Striptease Club in Helsinki

Crystal Show Club

Striptease in the European capital of #SmartTourism

In the spirit of #SmartTourism we will recycle some of the tips we have previously written for the benefit of our guest who are visiting Helsinki for the first time.

You mayn have noticed that a city that felt quite deserted for most of July has begun to come alive with more and more people occupying the streets by the day. As the city becomes alive again, more options for activity, food and drink begin to open up again.


It’s sure sign that August is coming (tomorrow in fact), the summer holidays are ending, schools will start again soon. Therefore it makse sense to look at our post from 2017 which gives advice on things to do while visiting Helsinki in August.

Our tips on places to lunch and dine in Helsinki


If you are coming to visit Helsinki now, doing business here is a possibility since everyone is back at the office. So you will need a place to stay. We shortlisted the best business hotels back in 2018.

See our hand picked selection of the best hotels to stay in during your visit to Helsinki

Content wise this should go in the next section below – but since its a post dedicated to the business traveller (or the occasional survivalist), we are just going to stick it here and take what ever fall out can be expected with such a bold decision.

Helsinki Survival Guide – Business Traveler Edition

Things to see & things to do:

August is a great time to enjoy beutiful sunsets without having to resort to protective gear or fear of loosing any of your extra fingers or toes to frost bite. Yes we can recommend it, go et a beer on a roof top bar and live a long and prosperous life.

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These following lists are a mix of items, some a bit more seasonal but nevertheless they should help you become informed and may even give you inspiration to schedule some day time activity. First we have ” 9 tips on what to do in Helsinki in July” – written back in 2017. The second post is from December 2017, but we’d still like to think its worth a look if you have never been here before: “Visitor, Tourist or the Travelling and hard working Business man, welcome to Helsinki in December

Click here for our 9 tips for tourists

Go read about the different things you can do during the day in Helsinki

We have saved the best for the last. Pictures from the best stripclub in Helsinki as well as a newbie visitors quick guide to the strip club etiquette

Photos from Crystal Show Club

Strip Club Guide for Newbies