The Best Striptease Club in Helsinki

Crystal Show Club

Want to work as a dancer?

Are you a dancer or interested in working as a dancer in a striptease club?

Crystal Show Club is always looking for beginners or talented and ambitious striptease dancers. Crystal Show Club has already earned a reputation among the international dancers and booking agencies as a club with an exceptionally clean and friendly working atmosphere. We take great pride in this reputation.

We understand what an important role our dancers play in maintaining a good atmosphere and our reputation as the best striptease club in Helsini, Finland. This is why we pay special attention in providing our dancers with a professional and positive working environment. We expect our dancers to respect the club rules and in return we respect our dancers and try to accommodate their wishes the best we can

Please note that if you do not hear back from us it means we currently have no positions open. However if you leave valid contact details we will contact you back as soon as we have an opening.