The Best Striptease Club in Helsinki

Crystal Show Club

Hailed as the most memorable networking opportunity you’ll ever attend

The best strip club in Helsinki is hosting a serious dual-level VIP performance After-After Party for Slush attendees.

With Slush back in 2023, bigger and better than ever, the Cystal Show Club After After party is the perfect match for any investor or entrepreneur looking to relax and reset or to work on and get feedback from a real life stripper on your pitch for the next game-changer.

SLUSH 2023 @ Helsinki Expo and Convention Center (Messukeskus). The address is Messuaukio 1, 00520 Helsinki, Finland.

Slush starts on Thursday 30.11 , with the doors opening at 8am and the last events ending at 8pm. On Friday 1.12 the doors open 8am and while the last side events end at 22.00 the SLUSH after party ends already at 2am. This is why the Crystal Show Club After After party gives the best fit for the serious and committed Slush goer, as the party runs both nights from 21.00 to 05 AM.

The hype is real! This is the big thing you cant afford to miss!

When the sun sets on Helsinki’s bustling tech scene, a new realm of opportunity and connection awakens at Crystal Show Club. For two exclusive nights runninc consecutively with the SLUSH event, this prestigious venue in the heart of the city metamorphoses into a dual-level wonderland, offering the perfect blend of relaxation and networking for entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and innovators.

Strategy is Sexy and Sexy is the New strategic!

Imagine a venue that mirrors the vibrant energy of the Founder Stage and the strategic hustle of the VC Stage, spread across two expansive floors. Each level of the Crystal Show Club pulsates with its own unique rhythm, creating a dynamic atmosphere that caters to every preference. Whether you’re looking to engage in deep, meaningful conversations or simply let loose in an electrifying setting, this club offers it all.

As the evening unfolds, the club’s international dancers recognized as the regional leaders take center stage, their performances seamlessly rotating across the floors and stages, symbolizing the global and intintaely integrated nature of the tech industry. Their grace and talent add an extra layer of sophistication to the club, making it more than just an after-party destination; it’s a showcase of artistry and culture and more.

An Unparalleled Platform for Networking Giving You the Ultimate Advantage

In this exclusive environment, the boundaries between professional networking and social enjoyment blur. The VIP areas provide a secluded haven for critical deal-making or private discussions, while the main floors buzz with the lively energy of potential partnerships and friendships being formed. It’s a place where the relaxed ambiance and luxurious setting foster an atmosphere conducive to both unwinding and strategizing.

Open every night from 21:00 to 05:00, Crystal Show Club is not just Helsinki’s premier nightlife spot; it’s a hub where the future of tech is celebrated and nurtured, and stands as a beacon in Helsinki’s nightlife, especially for those in the tech sector. During the event our dancers refuse to listen to anything except hard core techno and busines jargon. If you dont have anything to pitch, you better come up with something fast. For those in the tech community, it offers a unique opportunity to connect and spar with like-minded individuals in an environment that’s both stimulating and soothing.

As you explore the club’s two floors, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world where ideas ignite, and possibilities are endless. It’s a space where the relentless drive of the tech world meets the creative flair of the entertainment industry, creating a synergy that’s as inspiring as it is enjoyable.

Crystal Show Club is more than just a destination; it’s a journey through the heart of Helsinki’s tech nightlife. With its dual-level design and exquisite integrated VIP areas, it stands as a true testament to the city’s dynamic startup ecosystem – truly a place where today’s tech leaders and tomorrow’s visionaries converge to celebrate, connect, and create.

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