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Crystal Show Club

Equestrian Beauties Take Center Stage as the Helsinki International Horse Show comes to town!

See the show and enjoy the competition at the Helsinki Ice Hall 18. -22.10.2023

Can you handle 5 days of competition, celestial stallions, classy people and great after parties?

Experience the best after party at Crystal Show Club every night from 21.00 to 05.00, Lönrotinkatu 19

Established in 1985, the Helsinki International Horse Show boasts a rich legacy of tradition and distinction. This October, the event anticipates welcoming over 50,000 attendees. Renowned as Finland’s premier indoor equestrian event, it stands out as the nation’s sole five-star international competition. This year’s highlights promise thrilling spectacles like the Land Rover Grand Prix and the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™. With top global riders converging at the Helsinki Ice Hall, they’ll be vying not only for substantial cash rewards but also for pivotal points leading to the World Cup Final.

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Not the easiest show to put up

Following the event over the years, we at Crystal Show Club have become fans, and we are not at all surprised the well organized event has continued to gain popularity.

Everyone can fathom the immense effort required to orchestrate such an event, where hundreds of creatures of noble lineage — their grace woven from ancient tales and pedigrees — travel to Helsinki to compete under the gaze of an admiring crowd. All though we dont know the exact number of horses taking part, we know the riders are permitted to bring a trio of these majestic steeds to the occasion. Beyond the endeavor of conveying these elegant creatures to Helsinki, each demands a stable that offers both comfort and solace for the entirety of their sojourn.

Identify the Illustrious Steed: A Pictorial Equestrian Challenge.

In anticipation of the Helsinki International Horse Show, this contest beckons the genuine equestrian connoisseurs. Peruse the portraits with a discerning eye and ascertain how many illustrious steeds you can recognize. Should you identify over half, you may rightfully deem yourself a devoted equestrian savant.

Challenge – how many of the horses from the pictures can you recognize?

The best after party in Helsinki

To our esteemed spectators, hailing from the heart of Finland, the broader expanse of Scandinavia, and distant shores beyond, who grace us with their presence for this grand spectacle: We cordially extend an invitation to the most illustrious Horew Show afterparty in the city. Every night, from 21:00 to 05:00, the finest establishment in Helsinki with 2 floors of striptease, located at Lönnrotinkatu 19, opens its doors.

Join us in an ambiance of unparalleled elegance, and engage with our gifted international dancers in erudite discussions reflecting upon the day’s equestrian marvels