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Crystal Show Club

You don’t want to miss the Crystal Show Club Golf Messut 2024 after party

As the GOLF Fair 2024 is being held at Messukeskus Crystal Show Club is hosting the best Golf Messut afterparty in the city and you are invited!
Every night 21.00-05.00 at the afterparty our sexy international talent are showcasing their swing on stage as we party the night away.

This is the afterparty any self respecting golfer does not want to miss.

About the Golf Fair 2024 (Golf Messut 2024):

For the uninitiated – what is the Golf Fair 2024?

It’s Finland’s most significant golf event that takes place outside a golf course. The after party at Crystal Show Club attended by those in the know being a close second.
The golf fair is hosted at Messukeskus and in fact for the first time in its history, the responsibility for the organization of the whole fair lays with Messukeskus, with the Finnish Golf association being the primary partner. So you can expect a professionally organized commercial event that aims to please. (Much like our after party but likely less cool and not as much fun).

Good to know – Golf messut fair etiquette

Golf is a sport rich in tradition, and its etiquette is a crucial aspect that helps maintain the game’s integrity, pace, and enjoyment for everyone.
As always, fair goers should remeber to refrain from yelling “fore” once they have entered the premises. Its unfortunate and bad behavior that is frowned upon much like yelling “bomb” at airports and airplanes.
As we understand the organizers are running a special awareness campaign before and during the fair to address this behavior and are requesting that you try to show an example to the others.
Also fair attendees are requested not to bring their own flagsticks as well as to maintain a fair pace of play as you advance across the approximately 80+ exhibitors stands, if you notice that for what ever reason you’re falling behind, allow faster fair goers to pass through.

When and where is the Golf fair 2024?

At the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre (Messukeskus) from March 22nd to 24th, 2024
The fair opening hours are Friday and Saturday: 10:00-18:00 and Sunday: 10:00-17:00
Tickets are 18€ per person and can be bought from the Messukeskus online store.

Whats at the Golf fair, why should I attend?

Unless you are planning on sitting on your couch watching cross country skiing all weekend on the TV, Golf fair is a very good way to spend your afternoon. Eventhough everyone knows golf is a sport where the players pay very little attention to the make and type of equipment they use or their friends may have, the fair doe present an excellent opportunity to get acquinted with what is the latest ultimate technology available and the most expensive equipment you should be looking at puchasing this year. And you can test the equipment too.
At the Range area, fair goers can test clubs from top brands, improve their swing and respectfully critique their fellow golfers technique while finding the most suitable equipment with the guidance of experts on hand.
The Putting area offers an opportunity to practice putting and the short game. The putting green is designed to replicate the feel of Finnish summer natural greens, providing a realistic practice environment. The fair will also feature Putting Competitions, giving participants a chance to win fabulous prizes, like golf trolleys and putters. The competitions will be held as follows: Friday from 12-13, Saturday from 12-13 & 16-17, and Sunday from 11-12 & 15-16.
The Start Golf area is specially designed for new players interested in beginning golf. This area provides answers to the most common questions beginners have and the chance to try out the sport in practice.
The fair also a range of special, limited time only offers that are available only for the duration of the fair. There are offers for special pricing at Finnish golf courses (at least 19 golf courses) as well as offers around golf holidays, equipment and wellness.

Join the best Golf Messut after party:

All guests are welcomed and served by our friendly staff. On stage you will see our selection of beautiful international dancers performing their professionally coreographed acts. And this is infact one of the few areas where we break from golf etiquette, at our after party we are all about visual distrations that move and undress to the tune of music.

Just as on the fairway, so at Crystral Show Club as well, its customary to acknowledge good performances, with a show of appreciation including politely clapping, occasionally tipping as well as offering your verbal congratulations to the female performers after they conclude their performances.

The Provisional Ball for a Ball in a Penalty Area (Rule 18.3)

Insiders tip: wearing your white golfers glove on your lead hand as you enter, while ordering drinks or enjoying a glass of champagne is an internationally recognized mark of a distinguished James Bond like gentleman player that gets you looks of acknolegement and is guaranteed to stir the interest of our most distinguished performers.
The door open at 21.00 and the party does not stop untill 05.00 the next morning.

Gain the mental advantage at tee off with your Crystal Show Club ball