The Best Striptease Club in Helsinki

Crystal Show Club

Are you looking for the best place to party in Helsinki this Halloween?

You found it. A 2-day party, in the best strip club in town.

Located in the city center. Open until 5am.

The best Halloween party in Helsinki

It is once again time to host our awaited annual Halloween party.

Held on 2 consecutive nights (Friday 27.10 and Saturday 28.10) with the party ongoing until 5am.

As usual there will be free punch and snacks for everyone. The best dressed (best costume) customer wins a prize on both nights. The party is unforgettable with the sexiest dancers in the city and you simply will not want to miss it.

In fact, the story of a night so special can only be told with a poem.

In the cold streets of Helsinki, under moon’s eerie glow,
A group of businessmen wandered, with nowhere to go.
The wind whispered secrets, the night held its sway,
Desperate for merriment, a classy place to drink and play.

Their suits were all tailored, their ties neatly done,
But the chill of October made them wish for the sun.
The city seemed lifeless, not a soul was in sight,
Save for the haunting shadows, dancing in the night.

But then, like a beacon, a sign caught their eye,
“Crystal Show Club” it read, under the sky.
Known as the best strip club in Helsinki, it seemed just so right,
Promising two days of party, and a most splendid night.

Free punch and snacks, the banner did say,
With friendly staff waiting, to keep gloom at bay.
The atmosphere vibrant, the music so grand,
And the most beautiful dancers from every known land.

(continued below)

Drawn to its allure, they entered the space,
Greeted by smiles, and a warm embrace.
The businessmen laughed, their worries did fade,
In this haven of joy, a perfect choice they’d made.

But as the night deepened, and the clock struck its chime,
A hint of a secret began to unwind.
The staff and the sexy dancers, but with eyes glowing red,
Whispered of thirsts that were yet to be fed.

Were they just caught in the thrill of the night?
Or was there a truth, hidden from sight?
The businessmen felt it, a chill in their spine,
Yet the allure of the party made everything seem fine.

As dawn approached, they raised their glass high,
“To the best night of our lives,” was their unified cry.
But a shadow of doubt lingered, a thought they couldn’t deny,
Would they ever make it out alive, or was this their final goodbye?

By: Anonymous poet, a survivor & repeat customer

Cystal Show Club. Lönrotinkatu 19 A. Find us on google maps.

The best halloween party in Helsinki