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Crystal Show Club

A Wee Tale of the Big Match: Euro Qualifying Finland vs Northern Ireland – Helsinki Olympic Stadium 17.11.2023

Only one thing is certain when the boys in green from Northern Ireland head over to Helsinki to face off against the mighty Huuhkajat:

At the after party the craic will be ninety!

Euro Qualifying Finland vs Northern Ireland. At first it may sound like theres not much at stake, neither team is playing for direct qualification anymore.

The Finnish Huuhkajat

Although they started the qualifications welll, as of right now the Finnish team is coming off a disappointing loss against Kazakstan and the team faced the kind of press that they havent faced in some years at home. So the mood at the Finnish side matches the Helsinki weather at the moment.

The Green and White Army

The boys in green have also faced some bitter losses recently and in some ways have not much to fight for here. On the other hand players in both teams take great pride representing their countries. Further the Green and White Army is not about to let down their travelling fans – and surely – the visitors have not forgotten the cold loss handed to them at home by the Huuhkajat in these very qualifiers.


While certainly the players in both teams remain ever so competitive, and this remains a qualifying game, we cant say that anybody is very surprised the attention is slowly turning to the after party at Crystal Show Club even though the kick off has yet to even take place.

Fancy cracking into some champers after the game?

And who can blame them; Given the allure of friendly staff and the presence of top international dancers, who offer a warm respite from the expected subzero temperatures at the stadium, it’s understandable why many are already beginning to focus on the after-party.

Journeying from the stadium to the best strip club in Helsinki

Will Huuhkajat play the visitors like a harp?

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