The Best Striptease Club in Helsinki

Crystal Show Club

Uefa Supercup Real Madrid Vs Eintracht Frankfurt

The best after party with the best strip tease is at Crystal Show Club

The UEFA 2022 Super Cup is being played at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium on 10.8.2022 with the match starting at 22.00. The match is naturally sold out with thousands of fans from Madrid and Frankfurt in attendance.

While some consider the Los Blancos as the favourites on the pitch, the Frankfurt fans are expected to significantly outnumber the Real Madrid fans, most of whom are not from Spain but rather international Los Blancos fans.

While we suspect this to be true, on the morning of the match day, we would say we spotted more Real Madrid jerseys on the streets of Helsinki.

The one international language we all understand

A game of this magnitude, with international superstar players staying in Helsinki has electrified the whole city. And luckily it looks like the fans have been blessed with perfect football weather too.

And thats exactly what everone wants, as everyone in Helsinki is wishing for a great experience for all the visiting fans and the best of luck for players on both sides.

At Crystal Show Club we are also getting ready to welcome all the fans tonight. No matter their nationality, affiliation or mother tongue. And no matter the end result either. After the match is over, the best after party will be found at Lönrotinkatu 19, where the doors stay open untill 5am.

As we all know very well, striptease is the one true universal language we all understand.

It’s like Pele said: “Striptease the one true universal language”

La mejor fiesta posterior en Helsinki abierta hasta las 5 a.m.

Die beste Afterparty in Helsinki ist bis 5 Uhr morgens geöffnet.