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Crystal Show Club

Strip Club Guide for Newbies

Visiting Crystal Show Club or a strip club for the first time?

This guide is for customers who do not visit strip clubs often. At Crystal Show Club there is no secret code of conduct.

Our goal is to be helpful and give you the best possible experience. Some of our dancers are shy just like you, If at any point you are unsure of how our policies work feel free to approach anyone of our staff and ask..

Entry, safety and customer experience

Everyone who is a well behaving adult are welcome to our club, men, women, couples and groups of all compositions. The most important thing is that we wish to make sure that everyone at the club feels safe and can enjoy their evening. This includes physical safety, privacy and security concerning your belongings. That means we have security and we dont tolerate abusive behavior towards anyone, and we have on premise security to ensure nothing bad happens to anyone while they are our guests.

Everyone is an adult and we expect them to behave like one as well. So should a guest begin acting disruptively and thus interferring with others evening or haras our staff they will be asked to leave. Our door man may also deny patrons entry completely their behavior is abusive or indicates that this person may distrurb other guests.

And please remember you can always approach our staff in case you need information or would like some help in some way.

Payment and prices

Our drinks are reasonably priced and yoy will be positively surprised if you compare to almost any other night club or even an up scale bar. You can rest assured that our prices are always visible at the bar, if you would like to get something off the menu then ask our bar man. If you would like to go to our VIP area for drinks with one of our dancers, the VIP access price includes a bottle of champagne and any other drinks you may desire, our staff will quote you the price in anycase before you are asked to pay. Drinks as well as access to VIP areas are paid as you order or as the drinks are delivered. Should you ever feel unsure, feel free to ask. Our bar staff is always helpful and ready to to quote the full price of your order. We accept Cash and most credit cards at Crystal Show Club. Your credit card will be billed discreetly.

About our VIP packages, Special offers, Bachelor Party and Christmas party Packages and Limousine Pick ups:

Its good to know that we constantly have ongoing specials related to group entry, limousine pick up’s and other specials, which are aimed at making your night more enjoyable. The standard packages are priced at a discount and typically include free or discounted entry and VIP access as well as champagne packages. All items you often purchase during an evening and bought separately you will spend more than if you have bought a package. We also have standard bacherlor packages and christmas party specials, but these can be negotiated to fit your needs and budget in relation to contents. So please do feel free to make inquiries and be sure to check our offers from our website or get them from our messenger chat bot, what ever may be your preference.

Some dancers will be shy like bunnies and others will be confident like sharks

Tipping and drinks with our dancers

Tipping dancers after a stage dance is part of the strip club culture, after all the dancers are working. Providing a small tip is voluntary, very much appreciated, and it will mean you will get more attentions from our dancers.

While tipping in cash is allowed we also offer our own tipping currency available at the bar. This is provided to help you protect your money (for example so that you do not drop large notes on the floor etc during the course of your evening). The Crystal Show Club tips are in denominations of 5 euros and can be purchased at the bar against payment. Any unused tips purchased during the course of an evening can be redeemed back into cash at the bar before you leave. Our most popular patrons typically tip our dancers after they finish their show on stage. Tipping is at your own discretion and you may also choose not to give a dancer a tip. You may also choose decide to chat with one of your dancers while you have a drink together. Should you want to buy a drink for one of our dancers the staff will always quote you the price, which will naturally depend on what the dancer would like to drink.

We are able to guarantee you will be never billed for anything extra and you are always welcome to ask for your itemised invoice at any point in the evening. We also track and monitor all our bar transactions to be able to transparently clear up any confusion or misunderstandings should any questions arise. The best way we can ensure that everyone is happy however is to simply pay extra attention to make sure everyone is always aware of what they are ordering and expected to pay for, in advance.

Use of phones and cameras

To ensure the privacy and comfort of all our guest and employees, guests are not allowed to take any pictures indoors at Crystal Show Club with their mobile phones or any other devices. We often encounter international artists who are looking to relax after tehy have done a show in the area, it is understandable you may feel the urge to take a selfie. We appreciate their right to privacy so we ask all our guests to please consult our bar staff who will ask the other guest on your behalf. 

Generally speaking at the club, you may use your phone to send text messages and the like but we ask all our guests to abide to our strict no pictures policy.

Smoking at the club

Smoking is restricted to a specially ventilated smokers area.We expect our guests to abide by this rule at all times. This is required by law in Finland, and rightfully in place to ensure the air quality remains refreshing for all our guests. The law also states that you are not allowed to enter the smoking area with any drinks. Therefore you must leave your drink behind a window right outside the smoking area.

See you all at the club!