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Spring time hits Helsinki

Weary traveller, welcome to Helsinki

Traveling can take its toll, a few delayed flights, some jet lag and there is a real risk you wont have the energy to party (or work). As always we want to do our bit to make your stay here more enjoyable. So we present you with this handy guide to Helsinki in the spring time, with an image-to-text ratio you will have the energy for even if you just landed.

Casula stroll in the center fro sights, coffee and shopping

Löyly – and actual spaceship turned into a modern sauna complex (or maybe just a cool sauna-bar-restaurant complex by the sea)
Pikku Finlandia – bar and restaurant, great view and a huge terrace. Afternoon coffee, drinks on a sunny day.
Oodi – the new library everyone here loves. Visit for the rooftop terrace for a casual lunch. Oh how proud we are.
The finnish parliament building – some big Nato decisions are expected soon
Stockmann department store – you see this building and you are firmly in the city center
Torni Hotel, restaurant and bar. One of the best if not the best roof top bar vwith a view in the city center.

So fate has it, you have arrived in Helsinki, and now may be wondering what to do…

Dont’t worry, its perfectly normal, Helsinki isnt that big but it has things to offer. Spring time is very nice in Finland, the weather is a bit chilly, its sunny out but the people are beginning to blossom after a hard winter. If you spot a miniskirt you have time your visit perfectly.

To help you gt the most out of your trip, we have put a quick guide together for the spring 2022 visitors.

(Browse for more tips on what to do in Helsinki).

1 . Where to eat  – food is more than just fuel, but it is essential.

Check out the map below, it contains more places, but if you want a dining experience, here is a list of Michelin star holders and mentionees (“michelin plates”) from the last few years you can check out

2. Getting around – while a small city means you can walk to most places from your hotel, you may also actually need to get somewhere.

Good news: no traffic jams, so if you are in a hurry, taci ride will be smooth sailing, also note that the public transport works great… well if you can get a ticket.

So if you are planning on sing the public transport, the recommended action is to download the mobile app that makes getting tickets a breeze and will turn moving around to smooth sailings. Its the official app and therefore what everyone uses. IoS and Android. Add a credit card to pay for your tickets on the go. Regular tickets (2,80€) are valid for 80 minutes and you can trasnfer at will. A day ticket will cost you 8,00€.

Use this website to track the whereabouts of all the trams in real time to get some conext where youa re going and when the next tram will be here. There are also apps for this, but you dont particularly want another app do you?

3. What to do – the simple and quick guide for the busy person who likes to focus on whats essential.

Take a walk to Pikku finlandia talo (from where ever you are staying). Enjoy the city center and the sights along the way.

Make you way towards Lasipalatsi or Stockmann and find a suitable place to get some lunch.

Walk down to the seaside at either Kauppatori or Kaivopuisto. Have a coffee.

Make your way back to the center and get a beer/drinks at the Torni bar. Get to the top and enjoy the views from the highest point at the city center. A beer is “olut” in Finnish. “Kiitos” is thank you.

Walk down to Crystal Show Club. Congratulate yourself with a drink for having walked maybe 5-6 kilometers and for having managed to acquire such a comprehensive look at the city.

As you come to realise what a great feat you have actually managed to achieve, its time to let your self feel good about yourself. Dont hold back, get hep from the bar staff and make arrangements to try the smoke sauna at Löyly the next afternoon.

Then gift yourself a trip down to the VIP areas at Crystal Show Club. “VIP” is code for VIP.

Stop looking for more excuses to reward youself. Just focus on enjoying the rest of the evening. Ask the dancers if they have tried the champagne already (a great ice breaker and conversation starter).

At 05 walk back to your hotel, safely, in just minutes (literally doesnt matter which hotel you are staying at). Decide to keep your plans to try the smoke sauna the next afternoon. Get some sleep.

Get a good breakfast and get ready to repeat.

For the more thorough person:

The only map of Helsinki you will need: At least 69 things to do during your visit

From the Layers Menu, tick/untick the layer you are most interested in viewing., to focus only on fiding the best restaurants or to locate the nearest cash machine for example. ‘

The map has been put together by Crystal Show Club originally in February 2020 – so please do always click the links provided and check the latest opening times and other details regarding availability yourself.

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