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2023 Ice Hockey World Championships

The 2023 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship is upon us. Let the games begin, and remeber to visit the official website of the Finnish national railways, as yo after each match you can effortlessly also experience the best striptease in the country in the center if Helsinki.

The defending world champions, Finland face the United States in the openeer on 12.5.2023 at 16:20 at the Nokia Arena in Tampere

The 2023 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship are starting soon and they are co-hosted by Finland and Latvia. In Latvia the games are played in the capital Riga and in Finland in the almost city of Tampere. Co-hosting in Finland and Latvia is an emergency reaction to re-locate the games fast after Russia invaded Ukraine. The Russian team is not participating.

Nevrtheless the games are kicked off in Tampere on the 12th of May, as the defending champions, Finland, prepare to face their formidable rivals, the United States. At 16:20 in the afternoon, the world will hold its breath as the puck drops and the battle for supremacy begins. The new Nokia Arena in Tampere will also host the climactic final showdown to decide the champion on the 28th of May at 20:20.

Oh lord, the games are split across 2 countries. Where the hell is my team playing?

The Group A plays its games in Tampere, Finland

Teams: Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, United States

The group B is playing at the Arena Riga, in Riga, Latvia

Teams: Canada, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland

The best strip club in Finland
The best strip club in Finland

Getting tickets for the games in Tampere:

There are four different price categories for the Ice Hockey World Championships. Tickets were initially released through a lottery (with registration in September and October 2022), and individual game tickets have been on sale since February 2023. In March 2023, it was announced that over 150,000 tickets had already been sold for the Tampere Group.

Starting prices for day tickets on the Finnish Lions’ game days are €35-72.50 for children (5-12 years old) and €98.50-357 for adults. Please check the prices independently, as the cheapest tickets may be sold out due to high demand. You can also buy more expensive VIP tickets for the World Championships.

We heard that there are new tickets freed up (some how, magically?) daily, so dont be despaired even if the game you wish to atnd looks sold out. Just don’t give up and keep trying. Sisu its called.

So I need to go to Tampere?

Yes, unfortnately there is no way around it. But not to worry.

If you’re coming to the games and arriving in Helsinki, Tampere is just 2 hours away and easy to reach. The easiest option is probably the train ( Trains run nearly around the clock, 2-3 per hour, less frequently between midnight and 6 am. The local train (commuter train R) also takes you to and from Tampere. The train journey duration is slightly more or less than 2 hours, depending on the train.

The Fan Zone for the 2023 Ice Hockey World Championships is located, as it was last year, between Tampere Railway Station and Nokia Arena at the street address Rautatienkatu 27. In addition to the Fan Zone, Tampere’s Central Square Summer Oasis will also be broadcasting the World Championship games live. Several restaurants and pubs will also be showing the games. The Summer Oasis consists of a joint terrace formed by eight restaurants, with 500 customer seats.

The best part about Tampere is of course the way back. Its a smooth ride and ends within wlking distance from the best strip club in Helsinki.

What about the playoffs and the finals? Where are those played?

The quarter finals are still split, but the Semi’s, The bronze game and the final are all played in Tampere.

The Quarter Finals – Thursday, 25th of May, 2023

  • At 16:20, the fire ignites as the Quarterfinal 1 unfolds in Tampere.
  • At 16:20, the battle rages on with Quarterfinal 2 in Riga.
  • At 20:20, hearts race during Quarterfinal 3 in Tampere.
  • At 20:20, the ice trembles with Quarterfinal 4 in Riga.

The Semi Finals – Saturday, 27th of May, 2023

  • At 14:20, anticipation peaks in Tampere as Semifinal 1 begins.
  • At 18:20, emotions run high with Semifinal 2 in Tampere.

The Bronze game and the Final – Sunday, 28th of May, 2023

  • At 15:20, the fight for honor commences in the Bronze Medal Game in Tampere.
  • At 20:20, the stage is set for the ultimate showdown, the Championship Game in Tampere.

Forget Tampere. Where is the best place to enjoy the games in Hesinki?

If you dont feel like travelling to Tampare everyday there are plenty of bars where you can watch the games. Infact any bar with a TV and a Finnish speaking bar keep will have them games on. And the atmosphere reallly begins to pick up as the teams reach the play offs.

Unfortunately, some of the classic sports bars have recently closed their doors. Still, if you want to sit with the true sportsfans, here are a few place that will not be lacking in atmosphere and attendance:

And the best after party?

It’s at Crystal Show Club of course. The top rated Strip Club in Helsinki.

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