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Crystal Show Club

Keeping Crystal COVID-19 Free

Please follow club policies and help keep Crystal Show Club COVID-19 free

We would like to remind all customers that we must maintain our focus and remember to keep fighting the Covid-19 virus. It’s ok to have some fun and relax at times but we must do it responsibly.

Crystal Show Club has been very careful to follow the Finnish governements recommended policies applicable to our club, it is the least we can do and actually shouldn’t be everythng we do.

We would like to remind our customers that we have the following policies in place at the club:

1 – Please do not be alarmed, as upon entry to the club our Security Guards will check your temperature with an infrared based device. If you are experiencing any symptomps, it is best you stay home untill you feel better.

2 – All tables are equipped with hand desinfectants and we strongly advice all our customers use them. In addition we want to remind everyone about the importance of washing your hands often, just one of the easy ways to help maintain good personal hygiene.

3 – Within the club our staff carefully desinfects and keeps club areas clean.

4 – All customers are able to request protetctive face masks from the bar staff for free, we feel that wearing a mask not only protects you but also the people around you. The protection is by no means 100% but a small step to take to improve common well being.

5 – All our dancers are tested for COVID-19

Since August we test all our Dancers arriving from abroad for Covid-19

And finally a general reminder on safety & club rules

Smoking at the club is restricted to a specially ventilated smoking area. This is a requirement by finnish law and somethuing we are naturally happy to aboide with as it keeps the rest of the club free of second hand smoke.

To ensure the privacy and comfort of all our guest and employees, guests are not allowed to take any pictures indoors at Crystal Show Club with their mobile phones or any other devices.

We often encounter international artists who are looking to relax after they have done a show in the area, it is understandable you may feel the urge to take a selfie. We appreciate their right to privacy so we ask all our guests to please consult our bar staff who will ask the other guest on your behalf. Generally speaking at the club, you may use your phone to send text messages and the like but we ask all our guests to abide to our strict no pictures policy.

Tipping is at your own discretion and you may also choose not to give a dancer a tip.

You may also choose decide to chat with one of your dancers while you have a drink together. Should you want to buy a drink for one of our dancers the staff will always quote you the price, which will naturally depend on what the dancer would like to drink.

We are able to guarantee you will be never billed for anything extra and you are always welcome to ask for your itemised invoice at any point in the evening. We also track and monitor all our bar transactions to be able to transparently clear up any confusion or misunderstandings should any questions arise.

The best way we can ensure that everyone is happy however is to simply pay extra attention to make sure everyone is always aware of what they are ordering and expected to pay for, in advance.

Please note that we work hard to keep all our customers safe and comfortable, even as they leave to get back to their respective homes or hotels. Crystal staff always works at the club from 21 to 05 and will never approach you on the street for example.

We encourage you to act responsibly also as you leave the club, sometimmes, late at night it maybe safer to take a taxi than to walk. Especially if the weather is very cold and the streets are icy. You can always ask our staff to order a taxi for you.

Please respect our policies and enjoy your selves safely. We hope to see you at the club again soon.