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Helsinki Survival Guide – Business Traveler Edition

Our tips for the business traveler arriving in Helsinki

Visiting Helsinki for business, especially in the winter, can be a tough experience if you are not prepared. As the snow starts piling up (on the bridge of your nose), and the temperature stays around -20C, many travelers are faced with the harsh realities of doing business at these latitudes. As you wait for your taxi you start loosing feeling in both of your feet and legs. If by chance you happen to have done a lot of cycling in your youth, you may be able to maintain circulation in your thighs until your taxi arrives. Your feet, along with your Italian leather shoes are likely to stay frozen solid until you are already safely back home, tucked under the covers, thinking why your aren’t being paid more for you job. Daylight is scarce, the language is foreign, and the customs are odd. There’s even a real danger of getting killed by ice falling from the roof tops as you casually mind your business.

While the Finnish press may have already become experts at suppressing the annually repeating tragic stories of foreign business men frozen solid by the sides of the road, we have seen it happen all too often. A hasty decision to step out to get a pack of cigarettes is all that it might take after all. That’s why we have put together this guide, to guarantee our beloved travelling business men can manage to do their business and not have to worry about surviving the tundra at the same time.  Our team of experts have narrowed down the essentials of what every man needs, and created this guide so that we may be able to reduce the number of casualties.

Our Helsinki Survival Guide therefore covers: Grooming (hair, facial hair and clothing), food and drinks (both dining and quick bites), accommodationsauna and entertainment. We have also listed 2 local apps that may just be the thing to get you out of a bind.

Clicking on the street address will bring you a google maps view of the locations.


There are plenty of hotels in Helsinki, but we have tried to save you the trouble of looking and have 3 recommendations – these hotels treat their guest in style and offer the kind of pampering a hardworking metrosexual in town for business appreciates:

Hotelli Kämp:
Street Address: Pohjoisesplanadi, 29
+358 (0)9 5840 9520

Hotelli Klaus K:
Street Address:  Bulevardi 2-4
Front Desk: +358 20 770 4701

Hotelli GLO Kluuvi:
Street Address:  Kluuvikatu 4
+358 (0)9 5840 9445


We are in the business of entertainment and absolutely have a great appreciation to how important it is to stay presentable, and we don’t expect that our customers to be savages either. We have listed the absolute best salon for a hair cut or a trim, and 2 two quality barber shops for trimming your facial hair. And finally we have listed a gentleman’s tailor for those unexpected emergencies.

For the best hair cut in town, you would be wise contact Q-hair for an appointment: and visit them at any of their 3 locations:
Street Address: Albertinkatu 22-24; +358 (0)9 31 577 555
Street Address: Uudenmaankatu 16- 20;  + 358 (0)9 626 670
Street Address: Kamppi shopping center 5th floor +358 (0)9 31544700

For grooming your facial hair you we propose 2 options:

Walden’s classic barber shop:
Street Address:  Väinämöisenkatu 15
+358 40 662 7442

The Barber shop :
Street Address:  Frederikinkatu 19

+358 40 159 1197

If you need to replenish your wardrobe – or – would like to start dressing warm without sacrificing any style, we recommend:

Vaatturiliike Sauma:
Street Address:  Bulervardi 14

+358 (0)9 495524

Dinner and drinks

Once you are groomed up its time to get a nice dinner. We have listed 3 restaurants known for their great atmosphere and tasty food. All located within a few hundred meters from each other. The first one on the list – Pastor – is the biggest in terms of seating capability, K17 is a little smaller and Spis is already pretty intimate. All 3 are worth a visit, but you absolutely must book your table in advance.

Ravintola Pastor:
Erottajankatu 4
+358 40 034 4700

Ravintola K17:
Kalevankatu 17
+358 40 171 1117

Ravintola Spis:
Kasarmikatu 26
+358 (0)9 635 732

For a quick bite on the go

When you feel like something a bit more casual and are a bit pressed for time, you may want to give these a try. Listed in order of “casualness”.

What might just be the best burger in Helsinki

Street Address:  Lönrotinkatu 13, no reservations

Soma Sushiburrito:
2 locations:
Street Address:  Frederikinkatu 27
Street Address:  Kaivokatu 10

And for that late night bite – this is where you want to go before you head back to the hotel.

Ravintola Eerikinpippuri:
Street Address:  Eerikinkatu 17

Get food delivered:

If you want to try what the Helsinki restaurant scene has to offer, but don’t feel like risking your neck out in the blizzard, you can try the WOLT app. Wolt allows users to order deliveries from a variety of restaurants and to enjoy them safely from within the comforts of their own bed.

Register yourself an account and get food delivered – the app charges a minor surcharge but takes all the risks (of freezing of body parts).


You have made it this far, you might as well have a drink in a place that’s a bit different from anything you may have tried before. Both places are cool, Mockba for its concept and Löyly for the surroundings, view and the opportunity to try a modern sauna after a few drinks.

Bar Mockba:
Street Address: Eerikinkatu 11


Sauna complex Löyly:
Street Address: Hernesarenranta 4

+358 61 286 550

vintola Spis:
Kasarmikatu 26
+358 (0)9 635 732


If you have never tried it, watchinga KHL icehockey game is quite fun. You can get a bite to eat and enjoy a few drinks while you watch some of the biggest stars on the planet face of in the rink. Despite the odds (a Finnish team with mostly Finnish players in a predominantly Russian league and a significantly lower budget), Jokerit, the Helsinki team, seems to be a contender each year.

The games are played at Hartwal Areena, please check the Jokerit schedule to make sure they are playing at home. You may buy tickets through the links on the schedule or just try your luck at the stadium.

Jokerit KHL Team:
Hartwall Areena:

Street Address: Areenakuja 1

Getting there

Finland is so exotic that using a Uber is actually illegal at the time of writing this. It’s safe for the customer but the driver will get fined, and you will be stalled, and may have to act as interpreter between the Police and your driver, who typically do not share the same language. To get around conveniently you can download Valopilkku, the official app from the Finnish Taxi association (or something like that)

Download from the appstore, should be available for all operating systems.


To end the evening

The best place for entertainment in Helsinki is located dead center, 1 minute taxi ride from most of the locations above. Come enjoy drinks and the best striptease in Helsinki, Unlike the rest of the city or the country – Crystal Show Club is open until 4am every night, everyday.

Travelling with a group? You can of course make sure you travel in total comfort and arrive in style, by booking a VIP limousine pickup. It offers a totally free ride straight to the club for parties over 8 people.

Contact us via our facebook page to arrange for pick up. (send a private msg to the page and we will get back to you to make the arrangements).

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