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Finland vs Denmark Euro Football qualifier at he Helsinki Olympic Stadium 10.9.2023

Finland vs Denmark the Euro Football qualifier at he Helsinki Olympic Stadium you dont want to miss (but wont be able to attend in person)

Football fans, grab your popcorn and your favorite seat cushion! Finland and Denmark are about to face off in a Euro qualifier match that promises to be as thrilling as a Danish pastry on a diet. Scheduled for 10th September 2023 in Helsinki, this match is not just about football; it’s about bragging rights, national pride, and a chance to make light-hearted fun of our Danish friends.

Finland’s Football Journey

Finland’s football journey is like a fine Finnish sauna – it’s hot, it’s exciting, best enjoyed with a beer in your hand and it leaves you feeling invigorated. It feels like the team turned a corner a few years ago by making it into their first ever international final tournament, and even scoring a goal there. And this September the Finnish team , nicknamed “Huuhkajat” (“Owls”) is ready to steamroll their way into history.

Denmark’s Football Achievements

For those that dont know, Denmak is that small country, that’s located between Germany and Sweden. Ok yes and Greenland is part of Denmark too, I am sure that makes sense to everyone. Nevertheless the Danes are a formidable team and former European champions, after all, but let’s face it, their greatest strenght might be their admirable ability to make friends everywhere they go. Tremendous hustlers on the pitch, but off the pitch? But will it suffice this time?

Previous time the teams met

Not much to be said on that to be honest.

The Danes took the win in a convincing 3-1 fashion at the Parken in Copenhague. That was way back in March though.

All the analysts agreed that the soft pitch probably helped the home team, (much like a soft pillow helps a tired “Roligan” after a hard day of cheering). We are convinced the soft pitch was a typical ploy by the more experienced Danes.

Also who ever heard of Rasmus Højlund who scored the hat trick. I mean come one, yes he looked big fast, strong and talented, but what ever. Also he is so young he might not be able to make the trip to Helsinki.Monday the 11th is a school day after all. Lets see.

(@Rasmus Højlund if your mum lets you to make it to Helsinki, we promise that on 8.9 you will have the best night of your life at the best strip club in town – and we can toast your 3 goals together if you show up).

The turth is, the Owls learned a lot from the loss, like never trust a Danish pastry to be low-calorie, and never underestimate the Danish team on their home turf.

The rematch in Helsinki

It should be no surprise the match is sold out, with even the special visually impaired seatc behind the concrete pillars taken. Tickets vanished faster than a Danish pastry at breakfast so your best chance is to get a seat at any of the bars in Helsinki that are showing the game.

The Danish fans, known as “Roligans,” are the opposite of scary ultras. they have been a beautiful phenomenon over the years, but we suspect this time they may need to reach for the happy pills, as the beer prices will be steep and the predatory stare of the Owls will be relentless. (As will be the fancy attacking by the Finns on the pitch naturally also).

It’s a high stakes game

Both teams are aiming for the Euro final tournament in 2024. So the stakes are high. Fortunately both are Nato countries and both are Nordic countries, so the odds of the famous “Soccer war” between Honduras and El Salvador repeating in the north are low. Still due to the high priced low quality food available at the stadium, we recommend for anyone lucky enough to attend to go “full prepper” and carry their own salami, just in case.

The prediction

The mtach can go either way. The Danes are physical, skilled and experienced but this time they are visiting the Owls nest. We expect the Finns to edge it out in the end thanks to the superior mental strenght and strategic intelligence (as demonstarted by the performance of Finns in the international PISA survey – the Programme for International Student Assessment) and of course the great form of Robert Taylor, who has single handedly been keeping the one great Messi’s career on life support in Miami this season.

If you are a betting man, the safe bet is at the after game finale at Crystal Show Club. its simply the best place to party after the game.

The game itself may turn out too close to call but the after party is guaranteed to make even the supporters from the loosing team to grin widely until 5AM.

What do you think, is VAR ruining pole dancing?

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