The Best Striptease Club in Helsinki

Crystal Show Club

Crystal Show Club is open everynight during midsummer.

And despite the typically deserted city streets, Midsummer is a very nice time to visit Helsinki. You can experience the phenomenon of a night without darkness, even in our capital despite it being the southernmost city in the country. And if you’ve never tried a Finnish sauna, there’s no better time than during Midsummer.

Midsummer in Finland can be quite magical

A pure celebration of light at its peak during Midsummer. It’s a time to dance in the fields, enjoy a purifying sauna, and take a refreshing dip in a Finnish lake. Family and friends gather to eat well, enjoy a nice glass of wine, and bask in the harmonious play of children. Everyone gathers around a bonfire (kokko) and enjoys the quiet nature.

Did You Know Midsummer is Mating Season in Finland?

Women teach children traditional Midsummer magic rites to guarantee good fortune and a favorable marriage. Boys and young men gather various weeds and summer flowers required for these magical recipes.

If you’re single, take caution and be aware that Finns become particularly active in their search for a mate during Midsummer. They engage in various rituals, known as Midsummer magic, to boost their chances of finding a partner. Here are six curious rituals and practices associated with Finnish Midsummer magic for attracting love:

  • Seven Flower Collection: Young people, especially women, collect seven different types of flowers from seven different meadows and place them under their pillows on Midsummer night. They believe they will dream of their future spouse.
  • Birch Branch Decorations: Birch branches are used to decorate homes, believed to bring fertility and ward off evil spirits.
  • Midnight Sauna Spells: Women throw seven or nine different types of herbs onto sauna stones, believing the steam will attract love or enhance fertility.
  • Bonfire Rituals: Huge bonfires (kokko) are lit to scare off evil spirits and symbolize communal togetherness. Couples often jump over the bonfire together, believing it will ensure their love lasts.
  • Water Spells: Women look at their reflection in the water at midnight. The first creature to disturb the surface is believed to give insight into their future husband’s profession.
  • Dew Collecting: Women collect dew from leaves in the early morning and wash their faces with it, believing it enhances beauty and attracts a potential spouse.

The best magic still happens at Crystal Show Club. Open every night 21 -05 , with gorgeous international dancers, as far as night entertainement goes it is the safe bet.