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At least 69 Things to do in Helsinki

The business travellers guide to getting the most out of your trip to Helsinki

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We are all about you having the best time possible during your visit to Helsinki. Being new in a strange city whre local customs may be very different from what you are used to often means time isnt spent as effectively as possible. We would like to help you get the most out of your visit to Helsinki as well as Crystal Show Club. (if you arent stressing about where to meet your Finnish counterparts for dinner tomorrow you are more likely to be able to focus and enjoy the world class strip tease at Crystal Show Club too.

Thats why we have put together this map that contains a huge collection of noteworthy places to visit and enjoy whilst in Helsinki. Wether you are looking to do some sightseeing, find a place for dinner or get some shopping done, this map has it all.

The only map of Helsinki you will need: At least 69 things to do during your visit

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While the map has been put together by Crystal Show Club and is maintained by us, we cant guarantee that after some time (its February 2020 at the time of writing) all the information will be 100% correct, so please do always click the links provided and check the latest opening times and other details regarding availability yourself.

We hope you will enjoy your visit and hope to see you at the club soon!

Things to do in Helsinki FAQ

Whats the best roof top terrace in Helsinki?

With the hotel Torni and its classic terrace at the top of the tower, you are probably going to get the best views from the terrace of Ravintola Loiste at the top of the Sokos department store, between Kamppi and the central railway station.

Where is the best night life in Helsinki?

The best night life is undoubtedly at Crystal Show Club. Drinks are fairly priced and the service is walways good. Open every night from 9pm to 5am, with always top quality international talent performing on stage its a sure choice for a relaxing night out.

Where is the best Pizza in Helsinki?

The competition is tough, but the Neapolitanian pizzeria ViaTribunali on Sofiankatu raised the game when they opened up. You could say that the best pizza is an impossible question to answer, everyone has their preference, but we have yet to meet anyone willing to claim with a straight face that these guys arent the best around.

Whats the best hotel in Helsinki?

This is a tough one. There is almost an oversupply of luxury hotels in Helsinki considering the size of the city. So to be honest theres probably not a single fair answer. Check ouit the map above and you will find several that are all in the top 10 definitely. If you really were pressed to choose you could say its a tie between the two centrally located luxury hotels, Hotel St George and Hotel Kämp.. probably..