Visiting Helsinki for a conference or exhibition? Font forget the after party.

After parties at Crystal Show Club

How can a business traveler or a conference visitor get the most out of Helsinki?

We understand the hardships of the weary business travelers. In a new town for a limited number of days. Start by queuing for a taxi at the airport. Crossing your fingers that the bed will be soft and the ride that gets you there will be silent (in Finland you are guaranteed to get at least 1 out of 2 those wishes..). Now a few hours of sleep and then a shower and a breakfast. Then it’s all business.

You maybe in town for an exhibition or a conference or to close a business deal. Either way its new places and new faces, but it’s all very shallow. Even if you do get the opportunity to go sight seeing you’re only scratching the surface. A bit of shopping? Maybe yes, but that’s even more stressful. With prices being what they are here, it’s like having a cigarette, it relaxes in the short term but will kill you in the end, so you really shouldn’t waste your money. With all the travelling you have done, it may seem like every city just resembles the other, no matter what you try to do.

Perhaps it is best to retreat into the chapel of silence to gather some inner strength? You maybe right, but then you probably shouldn’t even be reading this, as you aren’t our target audience to be honest.

Do right by yourself. Find the right after party.

You have traveled a long way. You conducted your business. The most sensible thing you can do is to let yourself relax. Consider it technical debt you owe yourself. Or a payment long over due. Either way it’s time to get something decent and nice for a hard working man. It’s a standard method of self appreciation that is known and appreciated by most recognized philosophies. Skip the sightseeing and come in for some striptease instead. It’s the best way to relax after your stressful presentation.

Travelling in a group? Invite everyone over for a proper after party. It’s the only way you will truly rememberĀ Helsinki the city, as you all manage to unwind a bit and have a chance to collect your thoughts and slowly begin to truly bond. You know it is the sensible thing to do, and more importantly we know it too. We appreciate that while you may be battle hardened by 100’s of conferences and thousands of meetings, inside of all of us, there is a soul that needsĀ care or otherwise it will eventually become fragile. Even the biggest and the hardest men have fallen, and that’s a story we do not want to see happen again. Its the very reason we are in business.


Best conference after parties in Helsinki can be found at Crystal Show Club. Get in touch for a free limousine ride. Get inside and unwind.

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