The Helsinki International Boat Show – Båt 18 @ Messukeskus

Båt 18 – Boat Fair @ Messukeskus

If you love boats, sailing, fishing or luxury yachts the fabulous 10 day boat fair held at Messukekus , in Pasila Helsinki is simply a must. So big its probably the biggest event the venue holds each year.

Its 10 days long just because of the amount of big boats and yachts on display. And that’s where the secret lies – if you are in town as a tourist you don’t have to rush it. Go but go when you want, 10 days is a long time and since the boats are so big you can go in and experience the luxury first hand, even if you really couldn’t afford any of those boats.  Just come up with a convincing upcoming ICO or IPO background story about either a gaming or clean tech start up, and you can dry test any luxury yacht you desire.

You may even get a complimentary glass of champagne.

The Helsinki International Boat Show or Vene Båt 18 as the locals call it has some much on offer you may very well need the full 10 days just to take it all in.

(Ever consider an overnight stay at one of the more luxurious yachts on display?).

The main star of the show is naturally the huge selection of different types of boats, but there’s also plenty of equipment an indoor pool for trying out new water toys and they certainly didn’t forget about the fishermen either.So there little risk you will be disappointed.

Considering a holiday in Finland this summer? You will be able to get information on harbors and sailing practices should you want to try that out.

The fair is open until 18 or 19 each evening which leaves you just enough time to go freshen up before stetting the course for the un-official after party at Crystal Show Cub.


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