Helsinki February 2018

Quick tips on things to do and places to see in Helsinki this February

Towards the end of February the city feels slightly deserted, due to the winter holidays. Crystal Show Club is open everynight until 4am, how ever you maybe looking for somewhere to spend those moments in between lunch and the time we open our doors (8pm). Some tips below.

HIP HOP: The Game in Helsinki for the first time in 10 years

A hip hop superstar ever since the release of his debut album the documentary back in 2005. The rapper will be kicking his European tour off at The Circus night club on february 28th (location is dead center of Helsinki, on the side of Narikkatori). Doors will open at 21.00. Tickets at the door will be 42€/55€ (get tickets in advance from ticketmaster)


Vegetarian food: Veggie food event – Vegemessut

Held at the Helsinki Kaapelitehdas between 24-25.2 the event is aimed at making veganism more approachable and will have brands and organizations presenting their offering. Program will address the future of food and what might be interesting to our foreign readers is to hear and learn about the finish invention “Härkis”  (not even going to try and translate it, but have made spaghetti where substituted meat for Härkis and it was good). Its vegetarian but even looks like meat, kind of.

See Vegemessut website for event details.


Great Pizza: Via Tribunali – Authentic Napolese Pizza

This stuff is tasty, so tasty in fact that they don’t do lunch specials and dont take reservations. And they are quite busy. Mouthwatering foods available at Sofiankatu 4. Try the Diavola and enjoys the cool music.




Public Swimming Pool: Yrjönkatu Swimming Pool

This place looks amazing and they serve snails and Gin Tonics.

However the place has had a reputation. Its safe but you may feel a certain vibe.

Great place to experience what a  wood heated sauna feels like. Separate swimming sessions for men and women. Find out more here. Located at Yrjönkatu 21

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