Easter 2018 in Helsinki

Come party with us this Easter!

Thanks to the new alcohol legislation that was recently passed in Finland, Crystal Show Club is now open every night from 9 pm to 5 am. This year Easter starts on March 30th, which is Good Friday and a day off from work for most people in Finland. Also traditionally the following Monday is also a day off. So you could say that the stage is set for a great weekend.

We suggest you take the time to relax and charge your batteries, but should a drink or two be involved, we see no better option than visiting Helsinki’s best and most well known Strip Club to spice things up a bit. We will be hosting our annual Easter party so there will also be that atmosphere to look for. Watch out for the witches!

What else is there to do in Helsinki in Easter 2018?

Many people will be leaving town for one. So if you have ever been to lets say Barcelona during Easter, think exactly the opposite. The Finns are big on Easter eggs and witches during Easter and often kids go around their neighborhoods dressed as witches, wishing well and collecting candy essentially. Expect public transport to be operating on the Sunday schedule through out the Easter holidays.

If you want a nice dinner, we recommend you try these places, please note we are not able to confirm at this moment how they will be open, but you wont be able to get a table without calling anyway, so you need to get in touch in any case: Muru, Juuri, Demo and BasBas. Thety are all centrally located and we can more or less guarantee they aren’t going to disappoint. They aren’t in anyway Easter themed, just quality.

Other things you may be interested are the Helsinki Design Museum, they have constant expo’s on Finnish design, and there’s a new one that just started. If that’s the kind of thing you are into, you may also enjoy the Iittala & Arabia Design Centre, a bit more of a trip, tough still well within the city limits, just not centrally located.

If you are into sports on the other hand, both of the Helsinki local ice hockey teams are in the play offs, HIFK is playing in the national league and Jokerit in the KHL (the Russia lead NHL rival), and at the time of writing this, both teams were still in it, so  check out their websites for details on possible matches, that are played at home. If ice hockey isn’t for you you can give finish basketball league a g, unfortunately the Helsinki Seaguls don’t have a home game during Easter but if you are in town lets say on April 4th you can get yourself a ticket.

If music is your thing then be aware that the Cunninlynguist will be performing at Nosturi on Sunday the 1st, April fools day. The group is from the US and are definitely an established name in the hip hop scene. Get tickets here, possibly at the door as well.

Aside from that your options are limited to museums (if they are open) and the Botannical garden pretty much. So its more or less a no brainer to plan your Easter in Helsinki around the lovely dancers at Crystal Show Club. The doors open at 9 pm and the girls goon stage straight away. See you at the club!


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