What to do in Helsinki - events, nightlife and other activities of interest for the casual visitor.

Crystal Show Club's list of things to do and see in Helsinki. If you are new in town, maybe here on business for a few days or just passing through, we try to highlight some of the interesting things that are happening around town. When, where and how.

American Car Show 2018 Helsinki

It's Hot Rod Heaven @Messukeskus, 30.3-1.4 American Car Show 2018 For just €35 you will be able to look at all the chrome you can handle for a full 3 days. Because that's exactly how much a 3 day pass to the 2018 American car Show at Messukeskus costs. And every year thousands of people flock to the event to treat their chrome addictions. Which makes sense, since the 41st annual show in running has yet to let the fans down. There's something … [Read more...]

Helsinki February 2018

Quick tips on things to do and places to see in Helsinki this February Towards the end of February the city feels slightly deserted, due to the winter holidays. Crystal Show Club is open everynight until 4am, how ever you maybe looking for somewhere to spend those moments in between lunch and the time we open our doors (8pm). Some tips below. HIP HOP: The Game in Helsinki for the first time in 10 years A hip hop superstar ever since the … [Read more...]

Valentines Day in Helsinki

Crystal Show Club Presents: Valentines Day in Helsinki Not feeling ready for that final commitment just quite yet? Why not post pone the wedding for just a bit and come and try our valentines day special. (February 14 2018) … [Read more...]

The Helsinki International Boat Show – Båt 18 @ Messukeskus

Båt 18 - Boat Fair @ Messukeskus If you love boats, sailing, fishing or luxury yachts the fabulous 10 day boat fair held at Messukekus , in Pasila Helsinki is simply a must. So big its probably the biggest event the venue holds each year. Its 10 days long just because of the amount of big boats and yachts on display. And that's where the secret lies - if you are in town as a tourist you don't have to rush it. Go but go when you want, 10 days … [Read more...]

Mp 18 Motorcycle show (and the after party)

MP 18 Motorcycle show is the biggest motorcycle expo in the Nordics ...and Crystal Show Club welcomes all motor enthousiasts! Held at Messukeskus on 2. - 4.2.2018, the expo keeps growing year after year. The cool things to look out for include the indoor test circuit (you cant test anything outside in Helsinki at the moment), the globe of death (yes they still do that, and yes its just as crazy as you thought it was), wild stunt shows (guys … [Read more...]

Helsinki in December

Visitor, Tourist or the Travelling and hard working Business man, welcome to Helsinki in December The best strip club in Helsinki welcomes you! To help make you stay more interesting we put together a quick guide that may help you get the most of your visit. Helsinki is a city surrounded by water. This means that it can be quite windy at times. At this time of the year its also quite cold and possibly wet, snowy if you are … [Read more...]

SLUSH 2017 in Helsinki – After Party until 4am

SLUSH is turning 10 years old. Are you looking for an after party with that special potential to commemorate the event? (Because we know that technology alone isn't enough). The event: November 30-December 1 Slush is back at Messukeskus. The best after party in town: @ Crystal Show Club every night from starting at 8pm and open until 4am.  If you don't know what SLUSH is, its the leading European event for startups and tech talent to … [Read more...]

You deserve it. Fathers Day Striptease in Helsinki

Treat yourself right this Fathers day! Striptease starting at 8pm! Plain and simple, Father's Day is your day and you should spend the evening relaxing and enjoying yourself, as we all know and agree on how much you have deserved it. If you are in Helsinki, be aware that our dancers appreciate the hard work you do all year around.  The least we can do is to treat you with the best and highest rated strip tease available in Helsinki. Come in … [Read more...]

The annual Halloween party at the best strip club in Helsinki – 31.10.2017

Experience Halloween at the best strip club in Helsinki Each night, after the sun sets Crystal Show Club opens its doors and welcomes all tourists, business travelers and locals for drinks and high quality striptease. We continue to work hard to maintain our reputation as the highest rated and most liked strip club in Helsinki. When others go to sleep, we open our doors and provide exciting entertainment for our customers. This is the … [Read more...]

ADCC 2017 World Championships in Espoo

ADCC 2017 AT Metro Areena in Espoo This was totally unexpected and slightly unheard of to be honest. Some of the mixed martial arts biggest stars are coming over to Finland this month. The ADCC (The Abu Dhabi Combat Club) is hosting a top level MMA event on September 23rd and 24th in Espoo. The line up is super exciting with a juicy super fight between Chael Sonnen (I think his nick name is mr Diplomacy?) and Frank Mir on the cards on top of … [Read more...]