Halloween party 29 October at Crystal Show Club in Helsinki

Get ready to party! The best halloween is a halloween with strippers. And the best strippers are at Crystal Show Club.So make it happen. Official Crystal Show Club Halloween party is on Saturday 29.10.2016 . Doors open at 8pm and we stay open untill 4am. Free entry with the Crystal Mobile VIP. If you dont have one, like out our facebook page and send us a PM with your number. We are giving away a limited number of our exclusive VIP … [Read more...]

Sauna take over – Helsinki Design Week 2016 – Helsinki events

2016 Helsinki Design Week is the biggest design festival in the Nordics Set up in 2005 the Helsinki Design Week spreads across the city with numerous displays around design and culture. The festival is held from 1-11. september it is being spearheaded by events taking place at different locations over different days. You may view the full programme here: Helsinki Design Week Program Our recommendation for anyone really looking to … [Read more...]

Looking for the best striptease dancers

Are you a talented dancer? Want to work in the best rated club in Helsinki? We pride ourselves in the best quality, both the service we look to provide for our customers as well as the working environment we provide for our dancers. Crystal Show Club is always looking for more of the most talented dancers - if that's you and if you are interested please get in touch and contact us. … [Read more...]

Night of the arts 2016

Helsinki at night - The night of the arts ..Summer evening's joy is here for me. I'm not happy yet no sorrow shakes me, but the dark woods stillness I would welcome. Rosy clouds through which the day is falling, sleepy breezes from the blue gray mountains, shadows on the water, meadow flowers... out of these my heart's own song I'll make! I will sing it, summer hay-sweet maiden, sing to you my deep serenity, my own faith that sounds a … [Read more...]

Helsinki Nightlife -Art Goes Kapakka – August 2016

Celebrating the holy connection between the creative process and alcohol! This August, for 10 long days and 10 adrenaline and action packed nights beloved city festival Art Goes Kapakka will be celebrated across the nations capital. Since the beginning of ages, across all cultures, continents and inhabited planets, especially on Friday, Saturday and payday nights have neurons been firing and brain cells dying in what can only be described as … [Read more...]

Iggy Pop and Massive Attack – It’s Flow 2016 in Helsinki

Flow Festival is an internationally acclaimed music festival in Helsinki. An urban music, arts and food festival held in a former industrial area of Helsinki. Its one of the more anticipated events of the year, either for the high caliber line up that never fails to impress or for the fact that locals know that its one of the best reasons to take a few days off and get dunk for 3 days right before the cold autumn darkness sets on Helsinki. … [Read more...]

Tubecon 2016 – Biggest Youtube community event in the Nordics

Tubecon Rocks!

Tubecon 2016 @ Hartwall Areena The first Tubecon was held in 2014. Since its beginning the event has been immensely popular. Now, only 2 years later it seems that Tubecon has been around for ever. But clearly it hasn't, neither has Youtube, and in fact many of the tubers weren't even born until a few years ago. While undeniably a great place to feel old, Tubecon is also a very interesting place to get your finger on the pulse regarding … [Read more...]

Helsinki City Marathon 2016

Happening in August: Helsinki City Marathon In Helsinki with nothing planned for August 13th? Want a holiday from the kids? Looking to spend a few hrs surrounded by adults? Like an international crowd? If you answered yes to all four questions we have the perfect day planned for you. Sign up for the Helsinki City Marathon here, (its only 96€). The classic yearly event is a popular way to see the city, one of the top rated tours in fact, as … [Read more...]

Midsummer in Helsinki

Midsummer in Helsinki

The streets of Helsinki echo empty during  Midsummer as most head to the countryside to celebrate the summer solstice by lighting bonfires, enjoying the white nights, dancing and drinks. However, the situation is not completely hopeless as the Midsummer in the city is gaining popularity. Here are some ideas for spending a pleasant day and evening in Helsinki. Seurasaari Midsummer Bonfires Seurasaari open air museum's juhannus is ideal for … [Read more...]

Vappu in Helsinki 2016

    FINLAND GOES BONKERS! Vappu (May Day) is absolutely the craziest and wildest carnival in Finland with the hoards of tens of thousands of Finns celebrating the spring and flocking the Helsinki streets and parks. Traditionally celebrated by university students and the working class the Vappu has become the number one carnival of the year for all Finns. The mayhem begins on the 30th of April at 6 pm with the students gathering … [Read more...]