You deserve it. Fathers Day Striptease in Helsinki

Treat yourself right this Fathers day! Striptease starting at 8pm! Plain and simple, Father's Day is your day and you should spend the evening relaxing and enjoying yourself, as we all know and agree on how much you have deserved it. If you are in Helsinki, be aware that our dancers appreciate the hard work you do all year around.  The least we can do is to treat you with the best and highest rated strip tease available in Helsinki. Come in … [Read more...]

The annual Halloween party at the best strip club in Helsinki – 31.10.2017

Experience Halloween at the best strip club in Helsinki Each night, after the sun sets Crystal Show Club opens its doors and welcomes all tourists, business travelers and locals for drinks and high quality striptease. We continue to work hard to maintain our reputation as the highest rated and most liked strip club in Helsinki. When others go to sleep, we open our doors and provide exciting entertainment for our customers. This is the … [Read more...]

ADCC 2017 World Championships in Espoo

ADCC 2017 AT Metro Areena in Espoo This was totally unexpected and slightly unheard of to be honest. Some of the mixed martial arts biggest stars are coming over to Finland this month. The ADCC (The Abu Dhabi Combat Club) is hosting a top level MMA event on September 23rd and 24th in Espoo. The line up is super exciting with a juicy super fight between Chael Sonnen (I think his nick name is mr Diplomacy?) and Frank Mir on the cards on top of … [Read more...]

Visiting Helsinki this August

Looking for things to do while visiting Helsinki in August? If you are travelling to Helsinki in August its good to know that the city is only just getting re-activated as everyone is returning back to work from their summer holidays. This means that there's quite a bit happening, and for example all the lunch options are back on the table. (If you have ever visited Helsinki during July, you know how deserted the city sometimes feels.) As the … [Read more...]

Casual roof tops bars in Helsinki

4 Roof top terraces in Helsinki center While the Finnish summer may be short it isn't completely non existent. And while 2017 has been arguably one of the worst ever weather wise, sunny days are not completely unheard of. Should you find yourself in the city on such a sunny day with a couple of hours to spare, here are 4 roof top terraces in the city center that are good for a drink and a offer an opportunity to view the city from the roof … [Read more...]

9 Tips on what to do in Helsinki this July

  What to do in Helsinki this July: 9 tips for tourists Welcome to sunny Helsinki where the streets are deserted and this years temperatures are slowly but steadily climbing towards 20 Celsius. Whether you are in town by accident or by design, unless you are a frequent visitor you will get more out of your visit when there's some helpful advice available. So the lovely dancers at Crystal Show Club wanted to put together a helpful … [Read more...]

How to Midsummer in Helsinki (2017 version)

What you need to know about Midsummer Midsummer is also known as Summer Solstice and marks the middle of the summer, and typically (if not absolutely) means that the Finnish summer, which is known for its 24 hour sunlight, slowly begins growing darker. The locals speak about Midsummer using its Finnish name Juhannus, or Jussi for short.  Typically the streets of Helsinki will be quite deserted during Jussi as everyone has retreated to their … [Read more...]

Helsinki Chemicals Forum 2017

Crystal Show Club explains what is Helsinki Chemicals forum and how the best strip tease in Helsinki will be awaiting at the after party On June 1st 2007 the European Chemicals Agency was opened in Helsinki. Getting the ECHA to Helsinki had been a multifaceted and complicated process. Even as late as in 2003 the distribution of the various EU agencies across the EU's wanting and deserving member states had still not been resolved. The European … [Read more...]

Bruno Mars In Helsinki!

Bruno Mars 24K Magic World Tour in Helsinki Showtime! A classy act is coming to town. Peter Gene Hernandez, better known as Bruno Mars is bringing his nothing short of faboulous 24K Magic world tour to Helsinki's Hartwall Areena on May 22nd. Anyone familiar with the man's work knows that this is a world class entertainer, and the show is sure to be top quality. Tickets are available through ticketmaster starting at 43€ although the very … [Read more...]