Best Slush After Party in Helsinki 2018

The best striptease in Helsinki, from 9pm to 5am right in the city center. Looking for the right Slush after party in Helsinki on Dec 4-5th (or 6th)? Here is out pitch to you: Our entrepreneur in residence would like to welcome all VC's, associates, entrepreneurs and analysts to join in on what has now already become a tradition , the best slush after party in town. You may expect a  secure on-site Striptease-as-a-Service model, with multiple … [Read more...]

Things to do in Helsinki right now – weeks 43 & 44

Are you just arriving to Helsinki and wondering what to do? If the weather stays dry you should be in for some pretty, windy fall days. Simply having a walk around the city center , enjoying the fall colors may satisfy your needs. But if you are looking for some additional ideas we have listed a few events below, we also recommend you look up our restaurant recommendations as well as our other Helsinki survival guides. Here are our tips for … [Read more...]

Halloween Party in Helsinki

A true nightmare? No. It's just going to be the scariest and most fun Halloween party in Helsinki , on Wednesday Oct 31st @ Crystal Show Club || Scary creatures will greet you at the door, but one thing is for sure sure, as the beautiful dancers get on stage, all you will do is want more. || Now take note: you are to consider your self warned, touch the free punch at your own risk, while the dancers clothes hit the … [Read more...]

Nordic Business After Party 2018 in Helsinki

Nordic Business Forum. The show is here again. (and so is our after party by the way) You cant complain, a great event. Helsinki just got over the Trump and Putin Tango this summer and now Obama is in town. Crazy. Held on 26 – 27 September 2018 at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Center, Finland the Nordic Business Forum is already sold out. That's a shame as there's just something very cool about being in the same room with a lot of smart … [Read more...]

New promo video

Crystal Show Club's new promo video We'we released a new promo video, available for viewing for those may be interested. Best striptease in Helsinki, every night from 9pm until 5am. … [Read more...]

Trump and Putin meet at the Helsinki Summit in 2018

Putin and Trump do one-to-one talks bring the world's focus to Helsinki. When the leaders of two top superpowers in the world meet, usually nothing is quite like what it seems. While one burning question will certainly be answered before the meeting gets started (who wins the 2018 world cup), for the common man there are likely going to be more questions that are not going to get an answer. And that applies both before and after the Helsinki … [Read more...]

Best Business Hotels in Helsinki – Summer 2018

What are the best business hotels in Helsinki in the summer of 2018? These are our top 3 picks for a business hotel in Helsinki in the summer of 2018. Your choice naturally depends on a variety of things, and even the price may be very different depending on where and how you book. But if for example it's already been a few years since your last trip, these are all new establishments which may be worth your consideration.   Hotel st … [Read more...]

Visiting Helsinki for a conference or exhibition? Dont forget the after party.

Conference after parties at Crystal Show Club How can a the weary business traveler or a conference visitor get the most out of Helsinki? We understand the hardships of the weary business travelers. In a new town for a limited number of days. Start by queuing for a taxi at the airport. Crossing your fingers that the bed will be soft and the ride that gets you there will be silent (in Finland you are guaranteed to get at least 1 out of 2 those … [Read more...]

Vappu in Helsinki

Vappu in Helsinki 30.4 - 1.5 Vappu (May Day) is is a huge deal in Finland. It's a wild carnival that is so popular among the Finns you could say it's in contention for the unofficial independence day 2 (Juhannus - Mid Summer - is equally popular). In Helsinki tens of thousands of Finns celebrate the spring and flock the streets and parks. Traditionally celebrated by university students and the working class the Vappu has a special meaning for … [Read more...]

We stay open until 5am every night

Crystal Show Club new opening hours The Finnish alcohol law was revamped and the new rules came into effect March 1 2018. Thanks to the modernized code the best strip club in Helsinki can now stay open until 5 am. That means our new opening hours are now from 21.00 to 05.00. And as you may already know we are open every night, 7 days a week. … [Read more...]