Rock and Roll After parties…

Crystal Show Clubs guide to Helsinki's Best Rock Clubs Calling all Rock fans! The best after parties are at Crystal! (As if you didn't know it already). Crystal Show Club gets a whole lot of business from rock fans who come to Helsinki or the neighboring areas for the big concerts or are just enjoying the night at some of the great rock bars and are looking to change it up a bit for an after party. If you happen to be traveling in Helsinki … [Read more...]

Best Vappu Party in Helsinki

Looking for the best Vappu Party in Helsinki? (You just found it) Vappu (May Day) is a funny occasion in Finland. The rest of the world may consider the Finns quiet and reserved, and that holds true on almost every other occasion. But not on Vappu. If you are visiting Finland or Helsinki for the first time, its best to clear your calendar 30.4-1.5 (+ take May 2nd for recovery). Simple as that its the day when the country goes bonkers and … [Read more...]

Party in Helsinki this Easter and you are invited

Easter + American Car Show by FHRA ry and we have a reason to party! If you are in Helsinki this Easter you not only will be enjoying some great day time weather but you are also invited to join in on our combined Easter and American Car Show After Party. And thats one åarty you should not miss.   First item of business  - get in touch with Crystal Transport Service via messenger to book yourself a free limo pick up starting at … [Read more...]

Pictures from the best strip club in Helsinki

Photos from Crystal Show Club We are know to be the best strip club in Helsinki. We are appreciated as the best place to work for our dancers and that helps us recruit the best talent. This spring we have a lot of new dancers and some are here direct from Crazy Horse in Paris. Here are some of the fresh pictures from this spring. Don't miss out! See you at the club - get in touch via messenger to book a free limo … [Read more...]

Happening in March Go Expo after party and Cindy from Crazy Horse

It's an exciting month at Crystal Show Club. Go expo after party - for all the sports enthusiasts visiting Helsinki. GO EXPO will be at Messukeskus 15-17.3and of course the best place for an after party will be at Crystal Show Club. We will also celebrate St Patrick's Day on the weekend (17.3) W. We have many new international dancers performing.   And don 't forget we are open from 9 pm  until 5 am every … [Read more...]

Head for the Bar – It’s Helsinki Drink Festival 2019

Attention Cocktail Lovers! HDF - Helsinki Drink Festival is a 2 day festival dedicated to the fine art of mixing drinks. All the biggest alcohol brands and some of the best bar tenders in Helsinki are putting together 2 days of tasting, workshops and mingling. Its 10€ per day to get in and then you may buy tickets for additional tasting workshops if you want to dive into the arts a bit deeper. On Saturday March 2nd at around 20.00 the HDF … [Read more...]


Where is the best Vene Båt 2019 after party? At Crystal Show Club of course! Being the biggest boat show in Norther Europe, Vene Båt attracts both local and international tourists and for us it means a great excuse to throw a party. If you have never been to the boat show, starting Friday the 8th of February Messukeskus will be displaying massive yachts and sail boats along with everything you can imagine doing on water. There will be wake … [Read more...]

Valentines Day Party – 2019 Helsinki

Where is the best Valentines Day Party in Helsinki? Well you need to look no further. This Valentines day you should definitely head down to Crystal Show Club. We are hosting our annual Valentine's day party where the atmosphere is guaranteed to warm up even the original saint Valentinus (both of them). Valentine's day is a great excuse to throw a party. It's also an excuse your boss can appreciate Friday morning.  Our dancers are all big fans … [Read more...]

Helsinki in January

Whats the weather like in Helsinki? That's a typical question a Finn travelling abroad may hear. We are a small country and around the world Finland is typically known only for a few things. Like for example sauna, Santa Claus (if you ask a Finn), drinking alcohol, and quite recently raking and forest care as well as the weather of course. Helsinki, 17:45, January 26.2019Most people can associate Finland with the cold winters we still … [Read more...]

The Best New Years Eve Party in Helsinki

Join us for the best New Years Eve Party in Helsinki Crystal Show Club hosts the best new years eve party in Helsinki. The doors open at 9 pm and the party keeps going until 5 am. Come join us and our talented dancers for a new year's eve party you wont forget. Best striptease in Helsinki, 2 floors, VIP areas & international dancers. … [Read more...]