Best Vappu Party in Helsinki

Looking for the best Vappu Party in Helsinki? (You just found it)

Vappu (May Day) is a funny occasion in Finland. The rest of the world may consider the Finns quiet and reserved, and that holds true on almost every other occasion. But not on Vappu.

If you are visiting Finland or Helsinki for the first time, its best to clear your calendar 30.4-1.5 (+ take May 2nd for recovery). Simple as that its the day when the country goes bonkers and its quite fun to take part.  Depending on the gods the partiers may be greeted with warm sunshine, and that is currently the expected weather, but its not unheard of that there will be snow. When its cold and raining snow or sleet, it is as if it was the maker himself trying to hold the Finns down a bit. The record shows that since the beginning of records our creator has never succeeded. The country simply will not behave or or stay sober. As a tourist you will be hard pressed to meet a sober person.

What you need to know:

  1. Finns are going to be extremely approachable but incomprehensible.
  2. Some 25% will be wearing colorful overalls
  3. Despite everything said above, its a party for the whole family. Kids who are not with their parents are hiding in the crowds getting drunk in secret with their friends.
  4. On Tuesday 30.4 at 18.00 the crowds (in Helsinki) will be gathering mostly around the statue / fountain of Manta, at the end of Esplanadi park. If you are able to make it there, you may experience first hand a really crowded park with thousands of drunk people doing drunk things. The big event is about putting a hat on the statue (the official account:”Kauppatori is a place for students in overalls and other party-minded people to participate a student tradition of Capping of Havis Amanda statue and pop bottles of sparkling wine to celebrate 1st of May or “vappu” in Finnish. Havis Amanda “Manta” is Helsinki’s own mermaid at Kauppatori, who has stood there since 1908.“)
  5. The rest of the evening is pretty much adult drinking, overdone. But the atmosphere is good.
  6. On May Day it is tradition to have the Vappu Lunch. if you get invited or otherwise happen to get the opportunity to take part, you should, its the day after and people are mostly nice and relaxed until they start getting some energy from the alcohol they consume with their breakfast. Tables are impossible to get (booked months in advance) but your hotel or an acquaintance might be your solution.

We suggest you roam the city somewhat freely. Its one of those events where plans tend to get in the way. You may encounter physical love making in the parks. On May Day different customary gathering places around the city exist. The groups defined by or claiming to represent “the working class” celebrate their Vappu typically in Hakaniemi – this is a long standing tradition and it shows, so it may be worth visiting. Another popular place is Kaivopuisto Park where the crowds gather to pick nick and socialise. Both are worth visiting. Hakaniemi is perhaps slightly more accessible, as  Kaivopuisto is a big park, but its perhaps closer to the experience we are recommending. Everyone brings their own booze. If you like peace and quiet, do not expect for public transport to be comfortable for you. if you prefer to travel by Taxi, Uber or car, expect to get stuck often.

Crystal Show Club is one of the better places to continue the evening as the sun begins to set. We will have scantily dressed dancers getting on stage and removing what ever clothing remains. And of course a party atmosphere fitting for the best Vappu after party in Helsinki.


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