Best Slush After Party in Helsinki 2018

The best striptease in Helsinki, from 9pm to 5am right in the city center.

Looking for the right Slush after party in Helsinki on Dec 4-5th (or 6th)?

Here is out pitch to you:

Our entrepreneur in residence would like to welcome all VC’s, associates, entrepreneurs and analysts to join in on what has now already become a tradition , the best slush after party in town.

You may expect a  secure on-site Striptease-as-a-Service model, with multiple rounds during the curse of an evening. Consider privacy our highest priority and our entry fee as our NDA.

Ground floor investors are catered by our bar and our portfolio of internationally sourced talent.

Pivoting to our 2nd floor for a private pitch is possible for accredited investors.

Please note our talent are professional dancers and that we take local legal compliance very seriously, this is a proven model that results in high customer retention as well as employee satisfaction. Those seeking for different business models are best served by other markets.

We are know for our 100% up time guarantee between 9pm and 5am.

Come in and enjoy some reasonable liquidation and be ready the next day to close all the best deals, or take the team out to celebrate after your succesful day at the event. And tip the door man.



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