American Car Show 2018 Helsinki

It’s Hot Rod Heaven

@Messukeskus, 30.3-1.4 American Car Show 2018

For just €35 you will be able to look at all the chrome you can handle for a full 3 days. Because that’s exactly how much a 3 day pass to the 2018 American car Show at Messukeskus costs. And every year thousands of people flock to the event to treat their chrome addictions. Which makes sense, since the 41st annual show in running has yet to let the fans down. There’s something about the long, silky smooth bonnets, nice big round headlights and full, round rear tires that just gets you excited.

We at Crystal Show Club totally get this and that’s why we are happy to host the hottest after party each year. The show runs 3 consecutive days, consisting of 3 like minded events running side by side. The American Car Show 2018, is all about the classics that have been worked on all through out the year.  Tuning Car Show is about customizing the cars and MC Heaven is biker heaven. Doors open at 10 am each day and the show is over at 18.00 hrs.


Crystal Show Club opens at 20.00 and that’s when the after party kicks off. See you there.


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