..Looking for strip tease in Helsinki? Or just some excitement in the Helsinki night life? In need of a place place to relax and blow off some steam? Crystal Show Club is the highest rated strip club in Helsinki. 2 floors of action everyday from 9 pm to 5 am!

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At Crystal Show Club you will be able to catch some of the best dancers across Europe. While this modern strip club provides a great setting to relax and take a break from your day, it goes without saying that with beautiful, sexy girls, Table and Pole dance and VIP rooms it will turn out to be a memorable night.

ADDRESS: Lönnrotinkatu 19 – check us out on google places
Also available now a VIP lounge for special occasions. Club available for private parties and popular for hosting special events like birthdays and stag nights or hen nights.
Special Discounts for Groups !

We are open at Everyday 20.00 untill 04.00! Come and see the best striptease in town rain or shine, through Midsummer Holidays, Christmas and easter, the stripteae never stops.

Any exceptions will be posted here on the front page.

Come see some of the best pole dancers in Europe, sexy girls with professionally choreographed acts.

If you want a nice relaxed night out surrounded by gorgeous and sexy girls and have a safe and enjoyable night out, Crystal Show Club is the only choice you can make.

The club operates on 2 floors comprising of a bar with Striptease, VIP Rooms and a Night Club floor. Crystal Show Club is also available for private bookings. If you are looking to enjoy the helsinki night life come visit us, easy to walk in from the street.

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